Fubon Exhibition Design-2020 Financial Expo

Fubon Financial Holding presented themselves with the theme of “Keep on Running” in the 2020 Taipei FinExpo, which combines with the marathon that the company has been supporting for a long time, and renders the corporate spirit and brand image of “positive energy” for Fubon.

During the preliminary design phase, we first thought about a perfect planning for the 5 major areas and the arrangement in the flow line, then  integrated the overall visual design by concatenating the 5 prominent stops of the subsidiaries, which were “go bourgeoisie”, “safe insurance”, “parent-child financing”, “wealth stimulation”, and “retirement planning” by using the exclusive runway scenery that conveyed the idea in where Fubon will be accompanying everyone in the journey towards a better life that resembles a marathon race.

By combining dazzling visual with unique lighting design, we built an exhibition space that resembles the site of a sports event, with captivating elements yet no deficiency in professionalism. For the first collaboration, AXIS had swiftly achieved chemistry with Fubon from spatial planning, design integration, to event arrangement, where the constant exchange and communication are able to respond to the requirements and perfectly resolve all issues, which explains the continuous advancement from our entire cooperation.

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