Maxland是一家B2B2C以客戶為導向的面料公司,為全球許多一流的領導品牌提供高附加值的技術面料。為了滿足各種新技術和功能的需求,Maxland在產品開發和創新上投入了大量精力,以提供適合各種活動和天氣條件的面料。 Maxland可整合從織造到後加工各階段的供應鏈,使得其靈活性充分體現在生產和交貨上。

Maxland is a B2B2C customer-oriented functional fabrics company that provides high value-added technical fabrics to many leading global brands. In order to meet the needs of various new technologies and functions, Maxland has invested a lot of energy in product development and innovation to provide fabrics suitable for various activities and weather conditions. Maxland can integrate the supply chain from weaving to post-processing, making its flexibility fully reflected in production and delivery.


過去Maxland由於同時有兩組標誌並用,造成品牌識別混亂。整體形象缺乏統合,消耗行銷資源,並導致其出色的產品因為缺乏包裝被淹沒在市場裡。 Maxland希望明確定義其品牌形象,品牌定位並整理其產品線,以便在將來繼續開發新產品以呼應其品牌價值並擴大其業務市場。 

In the past, Maxland’s simultaneous use of two logos caused confusion in brand recognition. The brand lacked overall integration of brand identity which depleted their marketing resources and caused their excellent product offerings to be drowned in the market. Maxland expects to clearly define their brand image, brand position and organize their product lines in order to continue to develop new products in the future echoing their brand value and expanding their business and overall market.


A.診斷與策略 • 進行內部檢視以了解公司的核心能力。
• 研究市場,趨勢和主要對手。
• 研究客戶和利益相關者,並創建了供應鏈“需求分析”,以了解Maxland如何融入供應鏈。

B.品牌與發展 • 制定了結合環保企業價值的品牌定位策略“智能布料,綠色紡織”。
• 對標誌進行微調,整合成“單一標誌”的識別以適應全新的整體品牌形象。
• 重新整理產品線。
• 建立統一的識別系統,包含所有品牌元素 / 產品線。

C.溝通與推廣 • 創造各式業務相關事務用品/產品介紹手冊/布料目錄來傳達並加強的品牌形象。
• 提供歐洲和美國貿易展會的整合規劃,傳達品牌嶄新識別,全新形象通過一致的方式增加其價值。

A.Audit and Strategy • Conducted internal audit to understand company’s core competencies.
• Researched the market, trends and major players.
• Researched customers and stakeholders and created a supply chain “needs analysis” in order to understand how Maxland fit into the supply chain.

B.Branding and Development • Developed a unique positioning strategy focused on environmental protection “Smart Fabric, Green Textile”.
• Fine tuned the logo and integrated a “single logo” system for a suitable overall brand image.
• Reorganized Maxlands product-lines.
• Created a visual identity system to include all brand elements and product lines.

C.Communication and Promotion • Created a variety of applications to communicate the enhanced brand image: Business application supplies / Product manuals / Fabric catalogs.
• Participated in integrated planning of tradeshows in Europe and America to deliver brand new identity and their new and enhanced value in a consistent manner.


• 新的行銷工具有助於業務解說與銷售產品, 客戶對產品的認識更簡易而清晰。
• 釐清品牌定位與產品優勢後,與目標客戶的接觸更為精準 (聚焦於green和smart這二個要點)。
• 企業形象在市場中的能見度更加醒目,產品形象亦提升了話題性和詢問度,參加的歐洲及美國展覽,都較往年同時期或其他同業的來客率高。 

AXIS held internal brand workshops of brand development for Maxland, successfully increased employee brand knowledge and recognition of brand transformation.
• New marcom tools are helpful for business interpretation and selling products, so customers are simpler and clearer to understand products.
• After clarifying the brand positioning and product advantages, it is more precise to contact with target customers (focus on green and smart.)
• The new brand image in the market is more eye-catching, and the product has also improved the topicality and inquiry. The European and American exhibitions was successful in having higher visitor rate than the same period in previous years or competitors.

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