喬紳對於自行車花鼓(Bike hubs)的堅持,已有20多年的研發經驗,創造出要求完美滑行與極佳順暢度,能產生瞬間爆發力的產品。自有品牌僅開發高階產品,而我們將公司中文名稱字形以篆體設計融入品牌標誌中,並替品牌設定了「零件精品化」的定位。整體識別設計展現高階產品的品味,標誌設計以盾牌的形式創造陽剛的美感,讓人聯想起產品的質量保證,俐落的金屬線條呈現出帶領急速奔馳的產品本質。我們將產品包裝定位為精品路線,設計出獨特的環保紙架結構,兼具保護及展示效果。我們對每一年廣告視覺的目標,則是由美學的訴求切入,提升產品的形象,讓花鼓不再只是一般思維中一個自行車零件的角色,而能成為競速中的主角。

With over 20 years of R&D experiences, it is hard to overlook Chosen’s insistence on bike hubs and their persistence in creating products with perfect glides, smooth movement, and high-performance explosive moments. The self-owned brand only develops premium products, hence we injected the seal character of the brand name in Chinese to its logo and positioned it as a “Well-defined Component.” The comprehensive image design produced a premium taste; the shield-shaped logo of masculinity and clean-cut metal interconnection brings out the wild nature of the products thus associated with its unrivaled quality. Luxuries are where we positioned Chosen. We created an environmental-friendly paper structure that is able to protect and display. We set our target of visual advertising with an entry of aesthetic to escalate the product image, promoting bike hubs from playing as a supporting character to the antagonist of power sports!

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