從2016年以時間軸的概念串連出產品與一天24小時生活的緊密關係, 到2017年以自我私領域場景的切換與營造, 來串聯出產品更深入的意涵與故事。從概念發想, 到空間設計表現, 讓兩年間不同層面的產品主題, 有了互相呼應與延續的脈絡, 並且藉由材質、燈光的選用, 創造具豐富生活感與變化性的商業展覽空間。

In 2016, AXIS made use of a timeline concept to connect the close relationship between ECLAT's product and our daily lives. In 2017, AXIS channels the private sphere of oneself to create and bring out more profound sentiments and stories behind ECLAT's products. From the concept development to the space design presentation, we foster and continue the lineage in between the aspects within the two years. Through specially chosen materials and lightning, we established a commercial exhibition space that conforms to daily-life and is full of variability.

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