輝達的英文名稱SOUTHERN CROSS同義於南十字星,南十字星是天文地理上重要的方位指示星座,它明亮照耀著大地,引領人們辨別方向持續前進。與品牌長期的互動,發掘經營者特質,為品牌定義出了更人性的軟性訴求。我們為輝達擬定了“一路陪伴你前進的夥伴”的品牌策略,在以陽剛和功能為主要訴求的自行車產業中獨樹一格。從標誌設計到廣告行銷物,“道路”成為一個重要的視覺創意元素。標誌設計中兩條並行的路象徵了一路陪伴; 而平原、山岳、川流、森林的形象廣告,融合產品屬性與輝達的價值觀,傳遞輝達開闊的新視角。從平面到展覽空間設計,我們以“陪伴你前行”為主要概念,藉由不同的敘事方式為每一年創造獨特的表現。

SOUTHERN CROSS is a predominating constellation that shines through the land and leads the lost ones onto the right path. Through long-term interaction with SOUTHERN CROSS we found out the traits of operators and thus giving a more human touch to the brand image. We proposed the brand strategy of “the companion that always stays with you moving forward” for SOUTHERN CROSS, forging an unconventional image that stands out from bicycle industry featuring masculinity and functionality. From the logo design to the advertising and marketing materials, "path" has become an important visual creative element. The logo design comprises of parallel paths that correspond to companionship; while the image advertisement with a varied scenery of the mother nature serves as the communication portal for the broad vision of SOUTHERN CROSS with intertwined attributes of the product and the value of SOUTHERN CROSS. Our fixation on “companionship” has nurtured years of outstanding image communication with brand new methods.

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