iLumenox品牌對車燈的理念不只在乎亮度,而是從使用者的角度出發,重視每一個環節,並堅持著每個步驟都由自己完成。從最初的設計發想,到生產、包裝都回歸注重使用者需要的精神本質。無論運動、休閒娛樂、還是通勤,單車已是生活的一部分。我們為品牌定義出:點亮生活,引領未來,用心照亮你的路“The brighter way of life”的訴求。從城市到鄉間,從天色未明到午夜時分,iLumenox就是為你點亮生活每一刻的助手。標誌設計藉由字母“i”的形貌,表現出黑暗中的一點亮光,照映出一道光束。這光束象徵品牌以照亮人們生活為己任,帶出未來一條嶄新的道路。

iLumenox cares more than just luminance; putting customer satisfaction first, iLumenox considers every headlight details and insists on seeing every single step through. From the initial design idea, production to packaging, iLumenox emphasizes the demand of users. Nowadays, bicycles have become a part of people’s lives in respects to exercise recreation and transportation; therefore we positioned the image of iLumenox as “The brighter way of life.” From countryside to city, and from twilight to midnight, iLumenox is the great help for lighting up every part of your life. The logo design relied on the shape of the character “i”, representing the spot of light that shines through the darkness. This beam of light has assumed the responsibility of bringing the dawn of future to the people.

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