TOLIN在紡織產業中以開發各類專業機能布料及多樣性布料花色著稱, 並且總能提供客戶高效率的溝通與解決方案。每一種布料都是TOLIN與客戶激盪出的火花;我們從多變性的形象切入,以色彩繽紛萬花筒的概念為基礎, 展現企業充滿活力及創新精神的一面, 系列性平面視覺結合展覽空間,也使企業形象深植人心。

TOLIN is known for its capability of developing functional fabrics and a variety of fabric hues, together with its high efficiency in providing communication and solutions for customers in the industry. Fabric is the agitation of the sparkle between TOLIN and its customers; therefore we focus on its various features and created an image based on the colorful kaleidoscope that represents the energetic and bold spirit of TOLIN. The series of graphic design infusing with the exhibition space has deeply rooted in the public’s mind.

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