從畫面創造到施工執行, 我們從不淪為紙上談兵的設計團隊。在兩年間的作品當中, 軸心團隊利用線條搭配燈光效果, 大膽地設計出壯觀而吸睛的造型, 展現企業極具個性的形象與訴求, 在執行面更是精雕細琢, 審慎把關每個角度的線條切割與表面處理、細節品質, 呈現卓越的臨場效果與視覺衝擊。

From frame creation to construction, we as a design team do not engage in idle theorizing. For the creations within these two years our team has been playing with lines and lightning, daringly designed great and eye-catching forms and demonstrating the character and appeals of AVEXIR itself. Regarding the work performance, we are proud to say that we have carefully examined all the clean cuts and material surfaces and meticulously crafted the design in pursuit of the top-notch quality to present the most remarkable on-spot amazement and visual impact for AVEXIR.

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