MARSONE為導管製造品牌(Cable Manufacturer),產品種類包含:自行車、機汽車、醫療用和農機用控制導線及相關零配件(Brake and Derailleur Cable Housings and Inner Wires)。為了改善繁複的舊標誌設計,維持原有品牌識別性,保留「馬」為企業標誌主軸。「馬」的形象正面,象徵衝勁、奮勇向前、穩步前進的持續力,它詮釋MARS ONE 的核心價值:在產品開發上具備堅持不懈的毅力,不斷追求突破和高韌性以達最佳品質。用簡約俐落的方式優化舊有符號,重新調整標誌的筆畫、導角、比例,增加圖案的立體層次感。整體設定以象徵勇氣、熱情的紅色為主色,加上營造高端產品質感的黑灰色為基調,讓新品牌標識更具現代感。

MARSONE is a cable manufacturer with productions of bicycles, motorcycles and automobiles, brake and derailleur cable housings, and inner wires for medical and agricultural machinery. To improve on the old design of high complexity while still maintains as an identifiable logo for MARSON, we kept the core of its logo, the “horse.” The image of “horse” indicates positivity, momentum, valiance and stable continuity, which defines the core value of MARSONE: insist on product development and seek for breakthrough and high toughness that lead to the top-notch quality. We modified the original logo with a simple touch; readjusting the dash, angle, proportion to enrich the stereoscopic imagery. The primary setting made use of the color red that symbolizes courage and passion, together with the color charcoal grey that creates a sense of high-end for the product, thus bringing out the modernism of the new logo.

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