整合多個不同的代理品牌形象, 思量每一件產品展示、參觀動線的安排, 從最初的平面配置到空間細部設計, 軸心為五個品牌做出獨立、能有效表現各個品牌形象,整體卻又和諧的規劃, 善用理性的思維與感性的創造, 將現有的空間巧妙串聯,成功塑造極具氛圍且精緻的展覽空間。

Integrating the images of various brands, we deliberately considered the arrangement from the display of a product to the whole traffic flow of the exhibition; the scale of our task covers from the initial site plan to the detailed space design. We provided a place with a powerful brand image for 5 independent brands yet smoothly conformed with the ideas together. With our rational thinking and perceptual creativity, we cleverly created the linkage between such space and managed to manifest an influential and exquisite exhibition space.

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