林芳瑾基金會成立10週年,為了回顧這10年來的點滴歷程,經過近2年的籌備工作,結合藝術、設計與文創,展開了一場慶祝十週年的活動。展區的設計主軸以五感(視覺、嗅覺、味覺、聽覺、觸覺)的體驗方式來規劃,多元的活動內容包含音樂會、與藝術家、攝影師和珠寶設計師合作的展覽區、文創商品區、兒童繪本閱讀區等。我們從活動的空間設計開始規劃,創造出流暢的動線配合活動進行,讓各區有專屬的空間互不干擾又能彼此串連; 而整體的視覺形象以清新雅緻的插畫調性來溝通活動主題「愛,從臺灣飛翔」。

For its 10th anniversary, Linfangjin Charitable Foundation has gone through nearly 2 years of preparation to look back on their history bit by bit, bringing together elements of art, design and cultural creation, and unfolds its grand celebration. The exhibition planning focuses on 5 senses (sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch) experiences and a multivariate schedule that consists with diversified events such as musicals, exhibition jointly launched with artists, photographers and jewel designers, cultural and creative store and children’s reading zone was conducted. Starting from the space design for the event, we aimed at the smooth traffic flow that supports the activities to ensure each area has a specified space but still connect with one another without a hitch. The overall visual image conforms to the sketches tone that is fresh and graceful, delivering the message of “Love Flies in Taiwan.”

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