空間設計常是將抽象的概念具象化,再轉化為抽象的造型方式呈現, 有時候更增添了想像與玩味。在這個主題為雲端、網路的展場空間中, 利用雲的意象打造主體造型, 展示區完美融合在造型中, 從弧線造型、顏色的漸變與燈光精準、靈活的運用, 打造獨樹一格、大器、科技感的專業空間。

Space design often materializes an abstract concept and then re-exhibits such concept in a symbolic form along with some imagination and fun from time to time. Within this cloud and internet based exhibition space that is filled with technology, we forged a central figure with the image of the cloud that perfectly integrates the whole exhibition area from the curves, shades of color, to the smart utilization of illumination, creating a unique, grand and tech space for professionals.

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