Italian Coffee Company

縱觀義式咖啡歷年的空間作品, 一路走來可說是絕無冷場。一年又一年的求新求變, 從材質、結構、元素拼貼, 不斷地把玩設計, 同時也建立起企業的獨特風格, 逐年累積與突破, 也總讓人期待著:下一年, 我們怎麼玩?

We are confident to say that there was never a dull moment throughout our space project history with ITALIAN COFFEE COMPANY. The pursuit of novelty and variety over the years has allowed us to play around with design materials, structure and collages, and at the same time distinguishing ITALIAN COFFEE COMPANY from others. Furthermore, the accumulated breakthroughs over the years have always been the motivation that triggers us to ponder on the “new play” next year.

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