由台灣Dell所推動的「Digi-Cloud Alliance 數位轉型雲聯盟 」以聯盟形式集合各領域夥伴的能量,協助企業建構數位轉型,提供專業技術、知識與支援的全方位方案。數位轉型著力於「 IT Transformation 」、「 Workforce Transformation 」與「 Security Transformation 」三個主要領域 。軸心在臨危授命的情況下執行案件,設計出的標誌由三個不同方向的箭頭組成,象徵三個不同領域的轉型向中心匯集,箭頭有象徵往前邁進「轉化」的概念,而標誌中央點和線的串聯亦象徵聯盟彼此連結的意象。

Digi-Cloud Alliance launched by Taiwan Dell calls for the alliances among professionals from all fields to assist in the corporate digital transformation and provides comprehensive solution comprises of specialized techniques, expertise and support. Digital transformation focuses on “IT Transformation,” “Workforce Transformation,” and “Security Transformation.” Though engaged under last minute call, we still managed to create the logo that conveys a story. The logo is formed by three arrows facing different directions, representing the main fields of digital transformation converged with one another at the center. The image of arrow implicates the concept of “transformation” while the center dot and the linkage line of the logo stand for the liaisons under alliances.

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