GLT Exhibition Design-2017 Touch Exhibition
Global Lighting Technologies

Global Lighting Technologies (GLT) is positioned as a professional manufacturer of light guide plates, and emphasizes on the actual applications and diversified specifications of its products in commercial exhibitions. We had used arc lines as the foundation for the spatial design in order to echo with the logo and shapes of the company in a timely fashion. When the stall space is constituted in an “island” shape (surrounded by walkways), we would establish a “multi-layered flowing arch shape” as the main image that captures attention from each direction and perspective, allowing the exaggerated ceiling to pair with the simplistic walls that are combined to the applications of the products, which captured numerous attention in the first exhibition.

The creative design for the second year had derived from an adequately dusky scenery that is required by the main products in order to demonstrate the effects and tension in light guiding, which is why we held onto the arc line elements on the outside, and infused creativity into the multi-layered arc ceiling. Clients who participated in the process truly understood our ability in detail controls from the preliminary planning and arrangement to the installation of products as well as the difficulties in construction during the exhibition phase due to the cumbersome quantity and enormous dimension of various exhibits.

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