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Strategic Branding - The ABCs of Branding and Entering International Markets

Most business leaders focus on making money and “building” their brands by spending their resources on advertising and promotions, however they often miss the most important fundamentals along the way. This may be very costly in the long run. Once a brand is set in the minds of the market its very difficult to change. At AXIS we believe that it is crucial to optimize your brand before it is communicated to the market!

Our ABC Methodology helps brand builders identify problems as well as trends, consolidate strategies and reach the most effective solutions in a clear and organized way.
Step A AUDIT /

We always begin with a thorough examination of a brand’s current position in the market compared to its competitors and a review of its effectiveness. It helps you determine the strength of your brand together with its weaknesses or inconsistencies. Thereby uncovering opportunities for improvement and new developments.

  • Corporate and Brand Formulation
    To run a successful business, you must first be crystal clear on what you’re great at and what you stand for. We always start by conducting an honest assessment of why your business exists, before making swimming pools full of money of course. We’ll help you come up with key ingredients such as: Vision and Mission, Value Proposition, Competitive Advantage, Brand Benefits, Positioning and visual Identity.
  • Market Research
    Whether acquiring a new business, expanding to another country, or strategically producing products to meet future market needs, our clients are involved in strategic decisions every day.

    Ensuring that the most optimal decisions are made is about listening to people, analyzing the information in order to make better decisions and reducing risk. We always start by researching the industry and global to local trends and then proceed with an internal audit by analyzing the intnal workings of the company and its core competencies. When big decisions must be made, we always utilize Focus Group Studies to confirm our finding.
  • Focus Group Studies
    Compared to a quantitative survey, focus groups can gather more information about perceptions, attitudes, and experiences. We offer a variety of types of focus groups to suit any need. Participants are able to listen to responses of other participants and “feed off each other.” They promote communication of different perceptions and points of view in regard to your brand, product or service and industry trends.
  • Customer Insights
    Customer needs, desires and motivations differ greatly based on industry and culture. The more your business can understand and speak to the complexities in dynamic needs of the market the better. Our specialty is employing both quantitative and qualitative methods to understand key insights that help businesses make products and create services that truly matter to the market and target audience.
  • Brand Architecture
    As a general rule, disorganization is not the best business strategy!
    We will look at your entire portfolio including sub-brands, products and/or services an create a finely integrated system of names, symbols, colors, and visual vocabulary. Clear, intuitive brand architecture is the best way to guard against chaos and unpredictability. A strong brand architecture brings your range of offerings into focus, letting you better cross-promote them and gain control over how your business is perceived by consumers.

How do your customers recognize and experience your business? A strong brand is more than just a logo; it’s reflected in everything from your customer service style, staff uniforms, business cards and promises to your marketing materials and advertising.

  • Culture and Values
    With a clear culture and values, it’s possible to have a unifying purpose that everyone in your company, customers and stakeholders can rally around. We help executive teams define their values and create a consistent culture that governs every brand experience, brand expression and interaction with the company at every touch point.
  • Naming and Product Line Strategy
    The process of finding or refining a name is called “naming” and we will make sure your brand name will stand out from the rest. While the brand name isn't a substitute for the reputation that comes with a good product or service, it can help it stand out in a competitive market. A memorable brand name that resonates with consumers sets a powerful stage.
  • Customer Touch Points
    If we want to improve interactions with our customers, the key starting point is to understand what those interactions are and where they take place. Without that understanding it would be impossible to measure any improvements or indeed to see if changes made to those interactions were having a detrimental effect. We can in fact design interactions, at least those within our control, and to be able to do so we must first understand what need is driving the interaction and where and when the interaction takes place.
  • Visual Identity – Design (CIS)
    Basically, branding is the foundation of your brand, and identity is the visual execution of your brand strategy. You can't have one without the other. When our client’s strategy and all related elements have been clarified and confirmed we shall create or refine your visual identity using a unique and comprehensive visual concept for presenting your brand to the world as well as internally. Ensuring consistency of engagement at every touch point is key!
  • Internal Training
    When making a change, big or small, it is necessary that all staff, partners and associates understand, buy-in and adhere. With every project, we will design a workshop to do exactly that. Our goal is to enhance and maintain brand continuity across the board. And across the world, if needs be. Our workshops range from project concluding final training to on-going weekly training workshops to fit every branding, marketing and corporate need.

Your company is now a “Media Source” presenting industry information, your company values, objectives and mission about key products and services to your target audience, investors, customers or the general public. In the 21st century, communications objectives focus on more customized messages, delivered in focused channels, by the right influencers and key opinion leaders in the pursuit of targeting specific customer groups or individuals. Creating high responses from highly optimized brand interaction and engagement.

  • Re-launch Strategy
    Once the hard work to re-fine, re-tune and create a stellar brand offering and product, it’s time to build a launch strategy. The key is to identify and reach the Target Market both on and offline using ROI focused marketing methods as well as KOLs and relevant influencers. Whether your launching your brand for the first time or re-launching a new and fully evolved brand, we’ve got your covered!
  • Media Management
    Once the brand is fully developed, it’s time to get the word out by creating marketing communications strategies and applications while building relationships with KOLs, media representatives and influencers. A strong Media and PR campaign will make a HUGE difference.
  • Creating A Media Source
    Via Events / DM and SM / Influencers / Website, you are now about to become a source of information, a media source with numerous channels which your target audience including partners, clients and potential clients will be paying attention to. This new role as a media source must be taken seriously and each channel organized with an optimized communication strategy.
  • Marcom Tool Production
    Our in-house creative design and production team have the skills and experience in digital, print and video to create supremely effective materials for marketing and communications campaigns. Our team is comprised of brilliant digital marketers and programmers with cutting edge skills; our creative designers and copywriters, production people are highly trained and experienced in all the latest techniques in order to enhance your engagement opportunities. They have deep specialisms, understand branding, marketing and the importance of viewing your product or service through the eyes of your customers.
  • Trade shows and exhibitions
    Exhibiting at a trade show can be a great way to advertise to a focused target market and create brand awareness. Whether you’re a B2B, B2C, B2B2C, OEM, OBM, ODM or a mix of all. showcasing your brand in the most affective way at a trade show will set you apart from the rest! Our team has decades of experience doing exactly that. We got you!!!

Our growing branding and marketing capabilities reflect our passion for turning your brand into a compelling driver of enduring value. Our mission is simple: to work collaboratively with our clients to create fresh, powerful and effective brands. We’re fast-thinking and have an interactive, open way of working. We put solving our client’s brand challenges at the heart of what we do and we work with you to create customized solutions that best solve your creative and strategic brand challenges.
Clients we have worked with
De Licacy

Adding contemporary thinking into a traditional industry and reverse the old-fashion corporate look and feel. We’ve helped De Licacy build new brand images, and achieve international market trends.



Maxland is a customer-oriented functional fabrics company that provides high value-added technical fabrics to many leading global brands. Maxland expects to clearly define their brand image, brand position and brand advantages to contact with target customers precisely.



Sportsline, a brand in the Health and Fitness Industry, is a holistic Sports services company which provides an all-encompassing system, created from the sum of several professional medical solutions in-order to arrive at the most effective and efficient diagnostic/therapeutic/training methods - Tailored for the needs of the individual.



After being in the textile industry for more than 30 years, Sunny has become one of the trustworthy suppliers for various major brands, and its pursuit of excellent products continue to actuate the vast market. Sunny looks forward to working with AXIS and create additional degree of possibility for the brand.