AG Neovo Website Design
AG Neovo

AG Neovo is a leading global brand for monitors in both professional and consumer market. With persistent on extraordinary function and elegant appearance of product design, the aesthesis of their products corresponds to the user demands regarding the professional environment. We generated a series of visual images for the brand, ranging from DM, multimedia advertisement, calendar to commercial exhibition space; echoing the expectation of professionalism from AG Neovo, we formulated pure, elegant appearances for the products to highlight their high quality.

Promotion Kit:

To conform to small-scale overseas commercial exhibitions that require arrangements featuring convenience and efficiency to establish the brand image, we initiated the idea of an easy-to-carry exhibition toolkit. The toolkit comprises of stand-up display, desktop display; the stand arrangement can be set up in a snap through logo signage, tablecloth, and logo flag, significantly enhances the convenience and efficiency for sales.

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